Syd Mead: Visual Futurist

Although the probability that you have ever heard of him is infinitely close to zero, Mister Syd Mead (Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1933) has certainly left a mark on your life.

Namely, Mister Mead is a futurist by profession, and not just any ol’ kind, but a visual futurist. A retro visual futurist. It is his job, in one sentence, to create worlds of the future, worlds that will never be. When directors, producers, writers (be it a motion picture, video game or a book) do not know how to handle or what to make of the future, they call Syd Mead, and he gets the job done. You could have witnessed the results of his exquisite imagination and talent in visions of future in such movies as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Blade Runner, Tron (the original, not this new post-futuristic edition), Aliens, Short Circuit, Strange Days, Timecop (!) and many other well known and less known works.

Although he is nearing eighty, Syd Mead continues to enrich the present with his visions of future, and two years ago he published Sentury II, a fantastic book which contains numerous images and illustrations of both conceptual and realized projects of the future.

Video: Art and Life of Syd Mead.

We’ll Take It!

The Need For Speed

Sulaco (Aliens)

Snow Patrol

Robo Races

PATD – Personal Autonomous Transportation Device

Hi, Honey

Future Is Red

Architecture As It Never Was

An Idyllic Future



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